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Welcome to my blog!

I am 19 years old life enthusiast, fitness lover and yogi with a huge passion for healthy cooking. I hope that you will find this page inspirational and that you will love it as much as I do!




The 3 foods I can’t live without: oh gosh, this changes all the time but right now i’d have to say Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars, crunchy peanut butter on toast with some cinnamon sprinkled on top, and Japanese sweet potatoes

Favourite activity: playing basketball!

Favourite kind of relax: watching funny videos on YouTube

My guilty-pleasure: CHOCOLATE!!

What I love the most about myself: probably the fact that I really do care about people and their health/happiness :)

Dear Audra, thank you so much for being a part of my #TuesdayTalks series! In fact, you are a huge inspiration of mine and it’s my pleasure to have you here. Could you please introduce yourself?

Yeah! So, I’m Audra, the girl behind “This Girl Audra” on Instagram and YouTube. I love helping people just love themselves, love their life, not get so caught up in all the diet/exercise stuff, take care of themselves, get their periods back and just enjoy life!

I love especially your posts about self-love, self-acceptance and also about eating disorders. Have you ever struggled with any eating disorder?

I personally have not ever had an “eating disorder,” but I have definitely have been on all kinds of diets - some were good, some not so much, but I’ve realized some people NEED to be on a diet (either for weight loss, health issues, etc.) and some people DON’T need to be on one - a lot of the time, in the quest for being super healthy, we actually become SUPER unhealthy along the way.

What was the craziest diet trend you ever followed?

Probably either when I did a water fast (because you need to “cleanse,” right? - Wrong!! I definitely don’t recommend this!) or the Cabbage Soup Diet… where you eat just cabbage soup for like 3 days straight lol… definitely don’t recommend that one either!

You also mentioned that you lost your period and I know that many girls are struggling with the same issue. How did you managed to get it back? What would you recommend to girls having such a problem?

Yeah, so I lost my period during an extreme time of stress and had to do a lot of different things to get it back. After all my research and experience in working with girls and women on getting it back, the truth is, everyone is different. What works for one girl might not work for the next and vice versa. It’s a very individualized, specific thing, actually. So, everyone is different and figuring out exactly what is going on with you specifically is key. This is why I do consultations and coaching so we can figure out your situation and make sure you get the best plan for YOU since everyone’s circumstances are different.

How are you dealing with bad days and evil voices telling you that you are not good enough now?

Honestly, I don’t ever think that I’m not “good enough,” anymore. I would think these types of things years ago, in my younger years, but I’ve realized that my thoughts are what control my life. Whatever I tell myself or let into my mind is going to be what drives my confidence, or lack thereof. The truth is, you can be whoever you want to be - you just have to fix your thoughts first. And once I realized this and started thinking more positively, talking to myself more positively and talking ABOUT myself more positively to other people, everything changed. Be very aware of what you’re thinking and saying, it creates your entire reality!

How does your typical “day on a plate” looks like nowadays?

It varies day-to-day. However, I’ve really been loving eating more protein and fats lately, as opposed to eating tons of carbs. My energy levels, satiety, and satisfaction with food is really balanced - so focusing more on nuts and seeds, nut butters and more whole grains (bread, oatmeal, etc.) has been my go-to lately. Also, not eating a ton of fiber has been a game-changer for me, too. But again, I just listen to my body and go with the flow :)

Another topic that you discuss a lot is an exercise addiction - have you experienced it personally? What are your tips how to recover from such an adiction?

The only time i really was “addicted” to exercise was when I got really into running - I started off just running a mile or two a day and then that soon turned into 6+ miles every day! It was way too much for my body (and my mind) - with cardio, it can be very addictive because of the sweating, “endorphin high,” the fact that you’re burning calories and you just feel like you’re being productive. But I found the opposite to be true! Less is more when it comes to exercise - I haven’t ran in years, I just walk now and I feel (and look) so much better. My tips are honestly to just stop. I know that sounds too simplistic, but it’s the truth. Also, even just lowering the amount of time you workout, taking more rest days, deleting your fitness apps, and just taking time to do more REAL LIFE stuff that has nothing to do with fitness is a great start.

What’s your workout routine like at the moment? How often and what do you train?

Right now (and for the past year or so) I have been following the same workout routine and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! I only workout three days per week for 30-45 minutes at a time. I lift heavy weights during that time and I’m done. On the other days I either walk, do a fun active thing (play basketball, take a leisurely bike ride, play tennis, etc.) and then I also have at least a day or two per week where I REST completely - literally laying on the couch watching TV and just chilling out!

Do you take any rest days? If so, what’s your favorite kind of relax?

Yes, like I said above at least 1-2 days per week I will completely relax. This could be watching movies and TV, getting a massage, a pedicure and manicure, going window shopping, hanging out with friends and just chilling :)

And lastly - if you could give your younger self just one piece of advice. What would it be?

Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about every body else! You can’t please everybody so you might as well focus on the things you love and enjoy them and have fun. Don’t take life so seriously, get out of the house, meet new people, be open to new ideas and opinions and just live! Life is too short to stress, so enjoy it while you can!