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Welcome to my blog!

I am 19 years old life enthusiast, fitness lover and yogi with a huge passion for healthy cooking. I hope that you will find this page inspirational and that you will love it as much as I do!




  • the author of the 130+ Recipe Book, vegan & fitness content creator

The 3 foods I can’t live without: fruits, greens and legumes!

Favourite pre-workout meal: I either workout fasted if training early morning or have a cold press juice or smoothie beforehand but it really depends on when I train during the day, sometimes it will be after lunch.

Favourite post-workout meal: a smoothie or buddha bowl with grains, greens, legumes and veggies.

I’d never eat: animal products!

My guilty-pleasure: I don’t associate anything with guilt. My pleasure food though is vegan burgers, the ones with a vegan beef patty plus vegan cheese etc and hot fries! I don’t eat it often because it doesn’t make me feel my best if I were to have it regularly but when I do eat it, it’s amazing (also ice cream).

Dear Tess, thank you so much for accepting my invitation into #TuesdayTalks interview. I am so glad to have you here as you are one of the greatest inspiration on my vegan journey. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Thank you so much! I’m Tess, a foodie and fitness enthusiast from Sydney Australia. I have been vegan for almost 4 years now and I’m really passionate about it. I love to share my lifestyle on Instagram and YouTube to spread the positive message that health is important and we can be healthy and strong without harming animals.

My kind of “activism” is through food, there’s different elements to veganism and of course the main part is diet. What will help people stay vegan longterm is eating a wholesome delicious plant based diet. I want to make it easily accessible for people to find great vegan recipes!

Have you noticed any changes since becoming vegan?

Yes! Going vegan opened a whole new world of compassion + I got rid of those unpleasant problems like..

- PMS.. I would get excruciating cramps + vomit when I got my period. In the 3.5 years of being vegan I've had cramps only 3-4 times (during the times I ate really processed). My period is always regular & lighter too!

- Cured my severe constipation & bloating.

- Increased energy! No more feeling sluggish after eating.. No wonder I always felt dead when that's all I was consuming.

What is your philosophy when it comes to food? How does your typical “day on a plate” looks like?

I eat what makes me feel good and thrive and I always listen to my body. I’ve never had an eating disorder as I’ve always just felt that food is fuel.

A typical day on my plate goes like this. Firstly in the morning I like to start with a vegetable based cold pressed juice. For breakfast I’ll have a green smoothie or acai bowl or sometimes pancakes/crepes or oatmeal depending on what I’m craving. For lunch I’ll either have another smoothie or a buddha bowl. For dinner, it changes all the time but it’s either a buddha bowl with greens, tempeh or tofu, grain and veggies, or veggie pasta or black bean quinoa chilli. It’s always changing.

I can’t forget to mention that you are the living example of the #bodygoals - your physique looks amazing! What’s your workout routine like at the time?

Thank you! I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and train for roughly 60 minutes. I do a variety of workouts but it consists of strength and conditioning training and then some HIIT cardio. I also love to go for long walks or jog at the beach. I don’t really have a routine in terms of what muscle I train. I just target the lower body and upper body on different days and then the rest is full body.

And my last question is - what would be your nr.1 advice for someone who wants to build muscles on a vegan diet?

Eat and train. If you’re looking to build muscle you need to consume a surplus of calories and train to put that fuel into use. Put together a good workout routine, be consistent and focus on eating an abundance of whole foods. Go for high calorie foods which will make it easier to reach your targets.