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Welcome to my blog!

I am 19 years old life enthusiast, fitness lover and yogi with a huge passion for healthy cooking. I hope that you will find this page inspirational and that you will love it as much as I do!




  • vegan Youtuber & content creator, dietitian, RYT-200 yogi

The 3 foods I can’t live without: avocados, apples, celery

Favourite yoga pose: Halasana

Favourite kind of relax: yoga, walking, reading, journaling, watching a good movie snuggling up in a big blanket with tea :)

My guilty-pleasure: spending hours online shopping and never buying anything

What I love the most about myself: i love how understanding i am, and that i am a good listener.


Dear Amanda, thank you so much for being a part of my #TuesdayTalks series. I’ve been following you for so long and you are a huge inspiration of mine! Could you please introduce yourself?

thank you for having me!! I'm Amanda. I  am a registered dietitian and a certified yoga instructor. I also make content on YouTube and Instagram focusing on topics such as health, wellness, fitness, yoga, veganism, and overall self love.

How long have you been vegan and what inspired you to make that transition?

I have been vegan for almost 3 years now and I was inspired by Freelee the Banana girl years and years ago to transition into this lifestyle.

However, your relationship with food wasn’t always positive - you struggled with an eating disorded. How did your ED started? How serious it was and where did you find the strength to recover?

My eating disorder stemmed from a root belief that I wasn't good enough. In high school I was always striving to be the best and I placed high expectations of myself onto myself. At that time my life was a little messy outside of school as well so i turned to controlling my food and exercise to control something, to feel "perfect." I finally recovered when I checked into an eating disorder clinic that really helped me change my thinking and unravel the misconceptions of who I was that fed my shame and ED habits. One of the biggest things for me that kept pushing me to recover was just being tired of feeling horrible all the time and being tired of constantly thinking about food. I was just fed up with it.

Do you think that it’s possible to recover from an ED on a vegan diet? What were you eating? Were you doing any form of physical exercise?

I think it is possible to recover with a vegan diet but I dont recommend that someone going through recovery should put veganism before recovery. Having a healthy relationship with your body and any type of food (vegan/non vegan) is important to have before one can put healing others on their priority list. I was actually vegetarian when I was going through my recovery as I found veganism later on down the timeline. I was just doing some light walks and yoga some days.

How are you dealing with bad days and evil voices telling you that you are not good enough now?

I have a conversation with those voices. I actually don't even like calling them "evil" because they're just misguided. I have a conversation. I ask more about the claims that i'm not good enough or i'm not doing enough or i'm losing momentum and i should be trying harder, etc. Is it true? Is it valid? Why am i feeling like this? Is there a reason for these things? The more questions I ask, the less the voices keep pushing.

Moving on to something more positive - yoga. When was the first time you stepped on the mat and what was the reason?

One day when I was a lot younger, my older sister took me to a yoga class to try it out as she has been practicing yoga for a while. I immediately loved it and I kept up with yoga by doing it at home with yoga classes on YouTube.

What’s your current practice like? What yoga style is your favourite? How many times per week do you practice and do you do any other form of exercise?

I practice every single day. It's almost as imperative as brushing my teeth. As an avid ashtanga practitioner, I practice the Ashtanga primary series every morning and later in the day I would either take some classes at my studio or just do another vinyasa free flow at home. I sometimes go out for runs if i'm in the mood, or i'll do some functional strength training at home also. This includes kettlebell work, calisthenics, HIIT, and yoga strength drills.

I can’t forget to mention your yoga teacher training in India which you successfully completed - huge congratulations! Could you share with us a little bit more about it?

Thank you! I went to Rishikesh, India, to earn my yoga teacher training certificate but more importantly to learn more about yoga and practice among the experts in the world! I got my RYT 200 and if you want more info, make sure you check out my YouTube videos on it! I have a whole playlist:

And my last question is - if you could give your younger self just one piece of advice. What would it be?

Don't take life too seriously. It will all work out.